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Affinity Spotlight Feature

A number of months ago I revamped my website with the promise of updating projects more often, keeping the blog somewhat up-to-date and launching a store to sell prints. Well I’ve successfully failed at all three.

Three cheers for sucking! Take a bow Mr. Elkins.

Trust me, it hasn’t been for a lack of desire, I’ve been swamped. Head under water swamped. As you may know, my illustration gig is freelance, on the side of my regular day-to-day as Creative Director at g[squared] — it’s my evening and weekend fun. I also regularly donate my design and illustration services to West Meadows Baptist Church and I sit on their Board of Elders. Oh yeah, I try to keep up on social media (I’m less sucky at this one, you should follow me on Twitter and Instagram).

I’ve got excuses BUT they’re good ones, right? Right?

Anyway, grovelling and excuses aside, I do have some really cool news. As the headline above shares, I’ve had a recent feature on Affinity Spotlight (Spotlight, if you don’t know, is the the news/resources/inspiration website created by Serif, makers of Affinity Designer, Photo and soon-to-come Publisher). In the article, I touch on everything from my background, day-to-day design activities, inspiration and process - you should check it out!

Click here to read the article.

Well, that’s my update for the day, thanks for stopping by, be sure to come back as I promise I’ll be more active here. Really, really.

— Terry